Saturday, November 15, 2014

Biztown Job Interviews

On Wednesday, our 5th graders interviewed for their jobs at Biztown. Each student had to fill out a job application and then go through an interview. They have all been placed in their jobs, and this week they will work on their business plans. We can not wait for our trip to Biztown this Thursday!

The Discovery of King Tut

This past Monday, our 6th graders went to the Natural History Museum: The Discovery of King Tut exhibit. We were able to journey through time to the mysterious world of ancient Egypt. We started our journey by watching a 3-D movie and then we entered the tomb and treasures of Tutankhamun.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Explorer Speeches

Our 5th graders were given a project to study an explorer and then write a speech about them. They needed to take on the persona of their explorer, so they were speaking as if they were the explorer. I am so proud of our class. It is evident in their posters and power points how much time and effort they put into this project!

Biztown Mayor Speeches

This week the entire 5th grade held an election for the Mayor of Biztown. We had two brave students stand up in front of the entire 5th grade and deliver their speeches. Both candidates wrote very informative speeches that explained their platform as Mayor. Our class is so proud of them!