Thursday, July 24, 2014

Save Fred!

This week we have been doing many team building games and activities in order to get to know one another. Today we worked in partners on a problem solving activity. I told the class:
We all solve problems every day—from little problems like what to wear to school, to bigger problems like whether to get a job or go to college. Different kinds of problems require different problem-solving approaches. One problem can often be solved in more than one way.

Then I gave them this problem!

Poor Fred! He was sailing along on a boat (your plastic cup) when a strong wind blew it upside-down. Fred (your candy worm) ended up on top of the upside-down boat. Unfortunately for Fred, his life preserver (your candy life preserver) is still trapped under the boat. Your job is to place the life preserver firmly around Fred’s body, but you must obey three rules:
1. Fred may not fall into the “sea” (onto the table) more than one time; if he does, Fred “drowns.”
2. You may not injure him in any way.
3. You may use only the four paper clips to move Fred, the boat, and the life preserver. You may not touch anything except the paper clips.

Below is our class "Saving" Fred!

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  1. I love the critical thinking and teamwork involved in this clever problem. Thanks for sharing the great pictures!