Friday, October 10, 2014

Vocabulary Jigsaw

Today we learned a new vocabulary game. It is a vocabulary jigsaw! Students had to sit at their table groups. They were each given a card that said Player A, B, C, or D. 
In each group, the student holding card A will choose any number from 1-12 to begin the activity. Group members circle it on their clue sheets, and they then share their clues for that number in A, B, C, D order. All students in the team make notes of the clues and when clue D is read, all students guess at the term and write down the group’s consensus answer. An important rule is that no student can say the answer until all four clues have been read.
After the student holding card A has selected three random numbers for the group, students rotate the cards. The new student A selects the next three numbers, in any order, from those numbers remaining and students guess at the terms.
Students rotate the cards two more times so that each group member holds each clue card once.
When they finished, they had to come up with 5 of their own clues for 5 different vocabulary words. 

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